Sydney Walsh
Portrayed by Peyton List
Age 16 (15th July 1999)
Height 5'5"
Relationship(s) Andrés Herrera (Dated)
Friend(s) Alison Spears (best friend)
Becca Marshall
Angelika Kuzz
Kyle Ogilvie
Lily Bruno
Maya Dumas
Andrés Herrera
Family Serena Walsh (mother)
James Walsh (father)
Ashley Walsh (sister)
First Appearance
"New Beginnings"
Last Appearance


One member of the three popular girls of the Glee Club, Sydney is known to be the most humble and kind of the bunch. Although somewhat weak-willed and insecure, she has a good heart and is more willing to break down barriers between cliques than her peers. 


Not much is known about Sydney before she joins Nicaragua High School, other than that she has been friends with Alison since Middle School, and this is her fourth year as a cheerleader.



Andrés HerreraEdit

Sydney had never spoke to Andrés until he asked her to go with him to the Valentine's Day Dance in Yours, Truly. He bought Sydney a dress that was 3 sizes smaller than her initial figure, which contributed to her anorexia and bulemia.

Throughout Season Two, the two have recently rejuvinated their relationship. After Andrés was left without plans on New Years Eve in Countdown To Midnight, Sydney invited him to Alex's party much to the objection of her peers because of the past between them, where they both hugged at midnight. Andrés has been very apologetic towards Sydney for the errors in their past relationship, and has even resorted to buying Sydney elaborate gifts. Since then, the two have decided to remain good friends.


Solos (In a Group Number)
Song Episode Solos with
Sax What Do You Mean? Alison, Lily, Becca, Nathan, Zach, Maya, Matt, Joe, Kyle, and Angelika
Perfect Day We're Not Done Kyle, Lily, and Maya
Candy Store We're Not Done Alison and Becca
Hold On Big Fat Blitz Zach, Lily, Alison, Becca, Joe, Angelika, Nathan, and Emma
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Alison, Angelika, Becca, Kyle, Nathan, Joe, Lily, Zach, Matt, Maya, Gina, Emma, and Cass
Hair Secrets and Lies Joe, Alison, and Becca
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself Secrets and Lies Lily, Maya, Nate, Angelika, Kyle, and Becca
Kids In America The Bitch Song Lily, Joe, Angelika, and Becca
Life Support/Will I? Next To Normal Kyle, Joe, Zach, Lily, Maya, Angelika, Matt, and Nathan
One The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event In Glee Club History Nathan, Lily, Joe, Kyle, Angelika, Gina, Matt, Zach, Cass, Perry, Becca, Alison, and Maya
Shine About Leadership And Teamspirit Zach, Angelika, Kyle, Maya, Alison, Matt, and Becca
Euphoria/Glorious The Sleepover Club Lily, Angelika, Alison, Becca, and Cass
Change Your Life Let Me Be Your Star Angelika, Joe, and Kyle
Dear Mr. President Dear No One Alison and Becca
All Alright Forget Being Cool, I'm Going To Be Honest Joe, Kyle, Lily, Nathan, and Zach
Stand Up for Love Family Alison, Nate, Zach and Cass
Heaven is a Place On Earth Sun Tans and Ray Bans Zach, Kyle, Becca, and Alison
Vacation Sun Tans and Ray Bans Becca, Maya, and Lily
Don't Tell Me Sun Tans and Ray Bans Alison and Becca
I Got You The Tide Turning Endlessly Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Zach
Grateful/Already Gone/Halo The Tide Turning Endlessly Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Zach
Back-Up Singing
Song Episode Singing for Back-up with
Platinum Blonde Big Fat Blitz Alison Becca
Nothing in this World Forget Being Cool, I'm Going To Be Honest Alison Becca

Solos in a Group Number
Song Episode Solos with
Work From Home Places, Everyone! Alison, Lily, Cass, Angelika, Maya, and Becca
MMMBop Places, Everyone! Joe, Angelika, Alison, Nathan, Cass, Perry, Lily, Zach, Maya, Kyle, Matt, Jackie, and Becca
The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) Cher-ing is Caring Alison and Becca
Woman's World Cher-ing is Caring Angelika, Maya, Cass, and Lily
If I Could Turn Back Time Cher-ing is Caring Karen, Joe, Lily, Zach, Angelika, Alison, and Alyssa
You Learn To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Cass, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Zach
Bittersweet Symphony To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Zach
Big Girls Don't Cry To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Zach
Time Warp All Dressed Up Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, and Zach
Thriller / Heads Will Roll All Dressed Up Alex, Joe, Lily, and Zach
Rise Up Purgatory Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, and Zach
Write On Me Pity Party Alison, Maya, Lily, Kyle, and Zach
Be Our Guest Wish Upon A Star Alex, Alison, Angelika, Joe, Lily, Kyle, and Maya
A Star Is Born Wish Upon A Star Alison, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, and Zach
Auld Lang Syne Countdown to Midnight Alison, Anita, Cass, Jessica, Joe, Lily and Matt
FourFiveSeconds Countdown to Midnight Lily and Nathan
Dope Secrets and Lies Part II: The Happening Alison, Andres, Joe, Lily, and Zach
Bring Me To Life Love You Forever Kyle and Matt
Song Name Enjoy The Ride Alison, Angelika, and Becca
Back-Up Singing
Song Episode Solos with Back-up with
I Won't Say (I'm In Love) Wish Upon A Star Alison and Becca Angelika