Season 1 of The Fugly Hoes premiered on April 29th, 2014. It was the introduction of several core characters and the set-up of the main premise and style of the show.

The Fugly Hoes revolves around a group of young people, all eager to be the main attraction of Nicaragua High School's newly-found glee club.

Season 1.1Edit


Image Title Writer Episode Number
Tell Teh Troth Lily 01

Plot: Mrs. Müller-Rottendorf re-news NHS's glee club. The auditions are nerve-wrecking and, ultimately, six kids are accepted. Friendships and rivalries are formed, love happens and someone is clearly smoking weed.

Songs: She Looks So Perfect (Kyler), Marilyn Monroe (Tots), Woman's World (Becca and Tim), Bop To The Top (Lily and Nate), I Want It All (Kyle and Lily), Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Kyle and Maya), Don't Stop Believin' (The Fugly Hoes)

Absent Cast Members: Happy, Matt, Trae

The Saga Continues TBA 02

Plot: TBA

Songs: Happy (Happy), Applause (Happy and Maya), Fabulous (Kyler), Not Alone (Kyle and Maya), Roar (Tots), Broadway Baby (Kyle and Kyler)

Britney 3.0 Tots 03

Plot: TBA

Songs: Boys Boys Boys/Ain't No Other Man (Maya and Tots), SMS (Bangerz) (Tim and Trae), Lucky (Kyle and Tim), Circus (Lily and Tots), Till The World Ends (Happy), Piece of Me (Lily and Matt), Everytime (Kyle, Kyler and Maya)

The Untitled Becca ToBe Project Becca 04

Plot: TBA

Songs: I'm the Greatest Star (Becca), We Can't Stop (Becca), I'm Too Sexy (Becca), On Top Of the World (Becca), Who Says (Happy, Lily and Maya), Simply the Best (The Fugly Hoes)

Drunk in Love Happy 05

Plot: TBA

Songs: Show Me Your Genitals (Becca and Happy), Drunk on Love (Lily and Matt)

Sluts and Shade Kyler 06

Plot: TBA

Songs: Rumor Has It (Happy), I'm the Man (Kyle and Matt), I Do Not Hook Up (Kyler, Lily, Matt and Nate), Feels Like the First Time (Kyler), Do What U Want (Kyler and Nate), Your Body Is a Wonderland (Nate), Ur So Gay (Kyle, Lily and Tots), I Hate This Part (The Fugly Hoes)

N.A.T.E Nathan 07

Plot: TBA

Songs: Put Your Records On (Maya), American Boy (Nate), I Dont Giv A (Nate), Songbird (Becca), Smoke Weed Everyday (Tots), Judas (Kyler), A Thousand Miles (Nate), Rather Be (Nate)

Untitled Winter Finale Lily 08

Plot: TBA

Songs: Scared of Lonely (Lily), Ego (Becca, Happy and Lily), Kiss Me (Lily and Matt), Hide and Seek (Becca, Happy and Lily), Dance in the Dark (The Fugly Hoes), Dope (Tots)


  • Becca ToBe as Becca ToBe (8/8)
  • Happy Happy as Happy Happy (7/8)
  • Kyle Hepburn as Kyle Hepburn (8/8)
  • Kyler Rucker as Kyler Rucker (8/8)
  • Lily Brano as Lily Brano (8/8)
  • Matt Simson as Matt Simson (7/8)
  • Maya Layabean as Maya Layabean (8/8)
  • Nathan Andorsren as Nathan Andorsren (7/8)
  • Sydknee "Tots" Wulsh as Sydknee "Tots" Wulsh (8/8)
  • Timbo Jamba as Tim "Joe" Jamba (8/8)
  • Trae Orebeleo as Trae "Sugar" Orebeleo (7/8)

Major eventsEdit

  • The formation of a glee club at Nicaragua High School.
  • Lily and Matt's relationship and troubles.
  • Kyler and Nate's hook-up.
  • Tots' drug addiction.

Season 1.2Edit


Image Title Writer Episode Number
Trae (and Becca) on Film.... Sex and Reality Trae 09

Plot: Trae gains attention for the first time when he leaks his viral PornHub video and it lurks around Nicaragua High School, as soon as he becomes popular, Nicki Minaj comes into his dreams and he decides to have a bad reputation. Trae gets into a physical altercation with Lily because she's jealous of him now. Becca doesn't realize that she's pregnant and someone in Glee Club is the baby's daddy, she doesn't know who because she was drunk, so she decides to take each boy, except for Trae, in to the Maury show.

Songs: Applause/Pour It Up (Trae), My Humps (Becca and Matt), I Luh Ya Papi (Trae and Nicki Minaj), Stupid Hoe (Trae and Lily), Come Get it Bae (Trae and the Fugly Hoes), #SELFIE (Becca), Va Va Voom (Trae), For Your Entertainment (Maya), Hollaback Girl (Trae and Becca), Twerk (The Fugly Hoes)

Classic Kyler 10

Plot: Lily and Matt decide they might want to try to take their relationship to the next level, but is that really what both of them want? Becca and Trae are still dealing with the repercussions of their linked sex tape, and a surprising friend brings encouragement to the both of them. Lily brings Maya and Kyle along to try and cheer up a broken-hearted Kyler. This causes Kyler to have a change of heart and become more aggressive, as well as changing his appearance Tim tries to be noticed, but his solo is unreleased.

Songs: Classic (Lily and Matt), Headlights (Trae feat. Becca), Thinking of You (Kyler), Shipoopi (Lily, Kyle, Maya with the Student Body), Part of Me (Kyler), Shadows of the Night (Kyler and Tots), Midnight (Happy with the Fugly Hoes), New Classic (Lily and Matt)

Flashback Friday Tots 11

Plot: TBA

Songs: Say You'll Be There (Kyle, Kyler, Lily, Becca, and Tots), C'est La Vie (Becca, Maya, Lily, and Tots), I Want It That Way (Becca and Happy), TBA (Trae), Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (Kyler, Matt, Happy, Tim, and Kyle), Nothing Compares 2 U (Tots)

Bitch Knows Best Nate 12

Plot: Nathan returns and whatever...

Songs: Bitch Is Back (Nathan), Somebody That I Used to Know (Kyler), A Thousand Miles (Tots, Kyler, and Happy), Popular (Nathan, Tim, and Becca), Mother Knows Best (Nathan), Never Gonna Happen (Nathan)

Jazzy Happy 13

Plot: No one knows what is in this episode, tbh.

Songs: No songs or nawh? <3

Say Something Kyle 14

Plot: Drama is afoot in with the Fugly Hoes, and sh*t is about to go down as one of the strongest Friendships is tested by one party's inability to be honest.

Songs: I'm Not That Girl (Kyle), Complicated (Kyler and Maya), Creep (Kyle and Kyler), Say Something (Kyle and Maya), Believe (Tots, Lily, Becca, and Happy), Waterfalls (Matt, Tim, and Trae), Let It Go/Unconditionally (Happy and Maya), The Love I Meant to Say (Kyler, Maya, and the Fugly Hoes), The Show Must Go On (Kyler, Maya, and Becca)

Onipilif Stripper Problems Maya 15

Plot: What plot?

Songs: Whataya Want from Me (TBA), This is Me (TBA), Sexyback (TBA)

Pressure Kyle 16

Plot: The Fugly Hoes are in London. Whilst Becca, Tots and Trae discover the wonders of London, one pair gets together whilst another questions why they are together.

Songs: Under Pressure (Kyle and Kyler), Lay All Your Love on Me (Matt and Lily), Ironic (Kyler and Lily), So What (Nathan), How Will I Know? (Kyle and Lily), I Know It's Today (Maya, Tots, and Becca), London Bridge (Trae, Tim, Tots, Happy, and Becca), I'm Yours (Matt and Kyler), Everything Has Changed (Kyle and Kyler), You and I (Becca and Happy), That's Life (Maya)


  • Becca ToBe as Becca ToBe (8/8)
  • Happy Happy as Happy Happy (8/8)
  • Kyle Hepburn as Kyle Hepburn (8/8)
  • Kyler Rucker as Kyler Rucker (8/8)
  • Lily Brano as Lily Brano (7/8)
  • Matt Simson as Matt Simson (8/8)
  • Maya Layabean as Maya Layabean (8/8)
  • Nathan Andorsren as Nathan Andorsren (5/8)
  • Sydknee "Tots" Wulsh as Sydknee "Tots" Wulsh (8/8)
  • Timbo Jamba as Tim "Joe" Jamba (idek lol/8)
  • Trae Orebeleo as Trae "Sugar" Orebeleo (8/8)