The Fugly Hoes band name. They haven't released any singles yet, but they will soon.

Singer: Trae

Drummer: Becca

Guitarist: Lily

Bassist: Tim

Keyboardist: Tots

Triangle Player: Nathan

Groupies: Maya, Kyler and Kyle

Manager: Happy


  • Occasionally, Becca will set her drumset on fire in a 'roid rage.
  • Despite Trae being the singer, Lily steals most of the solos for herself because she claims that Trae "isn't gay enough"
  • Kyler is the most hardcore groupie. He decided that their Signature fruit is the cucumber and throws them at all of the members. He is currently being tested for mental diseases.
  • Maya is an innocent groupie, but if her favourite member -Tots- doesn't get a keyboard solo, she will flip tables and maybe shoot a few people.
  • So far all of their performances have been covers of Ali and Sis' albums -their enemies-
  • Tots is often seen smoking a blunt on stage.
  • Nathan A.K.A Nate likes to throw rabbits into the audience to add an edgy factor to their shows.