Fugly Hoes: Reboot (Season Two)
First Aired March 2016 - TBA
Writer(s) Nathan, Lily, Joe, Kyle, Sydney, Zachary, Maya, Matt
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The second season of The Fugly Hoes' fanfiction series, Fugly Hoes: Reboot. Its first episode will air in March 2016. Fugly Hoes is a Teenage drama set within the walls of a semi-fictional high school, Nicaragua High School located in Ocala, Florida. After a year of bonding and fighting the Fugly Hoes are back for another year of shenanigans and adventures. Fierce numbers, bitchy one-liners, and pop culture!

This season will still run with the same theme of the Fugly Hoes tackling their own personal demons, but also new characters will be introduced. New antagonists for our beloved characters to deal with.

On March 8th, Fugly Hoes: Reboot was renewed for a third season due to massive ratings and reviews from Season One. It begun with a March 2016 release.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Famke Janssen as Jessica Sweeting (7/24)
  • Jessica Lange as Pearlina 'Pearl' Van De Bos (4/24)
  • Margot Robbie as Margot Ogilvie-Nederberg (3/24)
  • Hilda Coronel as Lola Dumas (3/24)
  • Heather Graham as Serena Walsh (2/24)
  • Eion Bailey as Thomas Sweeting (1/24)
  • Blake Jenner as Derek Anderson (1/24)
  • Alyssa Shafer as Young Lily Bruno (1/24)
  • Jason Isaacs as Henry Everest (1/24)
  • Penelopé Cruz as Anita Rodriguez (1/24)
  • Reese Witherspoon as Rosemary Lovett (1/24)


Image Title Writer Episode Number
TFHtitlecard Places, Everyone! Lily 01

Plot: It's the first day of their sophomore year and everything has changed for the Note-Worthy. After having spent the entire summer with his grandmother, Kyle comes back a different person. Joe, also having been away most of the summer, comes home to find his ex-boyfriend, Zach, long over him, which causes him to make a bold move. Sydney finally returns from rehab, where she's made an old/new unexpected friend. Meanwhile, Angelika had a summer-job as a beach lifeguard, which has left her pretty popular after a now-infamous incident.

Songs: "Hold Back the River" (Angelika, Maya, and Zach), "Lost Boy" (Joe with the Note-Worthy), "Work From Home" (The Note-Worthy Girls), "Something Big" (Joe and Lily), "MMMBop" (The Note-Worthy), "Alive" (Sydney and Lily)

CherTitle Cher-ing is Caring Joe 02

Plot: Mrs. Clarke decide that the group need to be introduced to a certain iconic artist who takes no shit and is an iconic stage performer. After an unruly run in with Lily, Joe comes to the shocking decision that he has no friends. An event happens between Alison and Maya that could change the entire dynamic of the school. Elsewhere the girls have an unexpected run in with the Football team. A new person joins the club.

Songs: "Different Kind of Love Song" (Karen with the Cheerleaders), "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" (Sydney, Becca, and Alison), "Woman's World" (Lily, Maya, Sydney, and Cass with the Female Student Body), "Walking in Memphis" (Matt, Nathan, Zach, and Kyle), "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" (Joe and Alison) "The Greatest Thing" (Joe and Lily), "If I Could Turn Back Time" (Karen and the Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard To Thine Own Self Be True Kyle 03

Plot: It's time for Invitationals once again, as some are still dealing with the shift in power. Kyle finally opens up about his suicide attempts in a final step to leave his past behind him and move on; but his feelings for Joe resurface in doing so, putting their friendship at risk. Matt is forced to choose a side between Maya and Ali. Joe is confused about his relationships with Kyle, Lily and Mr. Adams.

Songs: "Forgiven" (Kyle), "Que Sera, Sera" (Maya with Becca and Cass), "I've Decided to Marry You" (Maya, Matt and Ali), "Who Will Love Me As I Am?" (Kyle and Lily), "So Close" (Kyle and Joe), "Big Girls Don't Cry" (The Note-Worthy), "You Learn" (The Note-Worthy), "Bitter Sweet Symphony" (Matt, Kyle and The Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard The Life of Clarke Sydney 04

Plot: The Note-Worthys find out more about Mrs. Clarke outside of Glee Club practice. Tensions heat up within the club as Alison and Sydney plan a coup d'état against Maya. The relationship between Joe and Mr. Adams progresses.

Songs: "(Come On) Shout" (Karen and The Note-Worthy), "Inside Your Heaven" (Joe), "Let's Hear It for the Boy" (Alison), "Would I Lie To You?" (Alison and Maya), "On Our Way" (Lily and Joe and The Note-Worthy

TFHtitlecard Not What It Seems... Nathan 05

Plot: More about Nathan's personal life outside of the Glee Club is revealed, and it's not what the club thought it would be. Maya begins to open up sexually, causing Matt to be annoyed with her as she begins to flirt with other students and Jackie's past is brought up by Lily.

Songs: "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" (Jackie and Lily), "Telephone" (Alison and Maya), "Heartbeat Song" (Alyssa)

TFHtitlecard All Dressed Up Matt 06

Plot: It’s Halloween at Nicaragua High and with Sectionals right around the corner The Note-Worthys are more than determined to show that they have what it takes to take home that Nationals Title. Knowing funding is low for the glee club Matt sparks a plan to throw a Halloween Party Fundraiser using every source in his power to pull it off even if it hurt his relationship. Alex decides that to win cool points with the Note-Worthys by showing his commitment.

Songs: "Time Warp" (The Note-Worthy), "Can't Be Tamed" (Nathan and Maya), "Emperor's New Clothes" (Matt with The Note-Worthy), "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" (The Note-Worthy), "Ghost Town" (Lily and Kyle)

TFHtitlecard Of Rice and Springrolls Maya 07

Plot: A new staff member begins at Nicaragua High that might hold the power to end Maya's reign of terror. Lily wants to make her relationship with Alex public, but something's getting in the way. Nathan deals with the events of the college party.

Songs: "Crazy/You Drive Me Crazy" (Alex and Lily), "Till It Happens To You" (Nate), "If I Had You" (Maya with the Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Purgatory Lily 08

Plot: It's mid-November and, after all the turmoil and havoc, the Note-Worty try hard to work together as a group again and get ready for Sectionals. Despite the end of Maya's reign of terror, things between Matt and Maya are rockier than ever before, which causes Matt to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, after having felt left alone by Lily ever since his break-up with Joe, Zach finally confronts her, which causes their friendship to take an unexpected turn and when Alex and Lily's relationship is taken to a whole new level, Lily reconsiders the secret nature of their affiliation.

Songs: "Unchained Melody" (Alex), "Hard Out Here" (Zach with the Note-Worthy), "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" (Joe and Lily), "How Will I Know/Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart" (Lily), "Make You Feel My Love" (Alex and Lily), "Turn Your Face" (Matt and Maya), "Rise Up" (Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Sydney and Zach with the Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Pity Party Joe 09

Plot: Mrs. Clarke lets rip at the Note-Worthy for not being more prepared for Sectionals and takes action by bringing in a mandatory fitness program. After Maya's reign of terror comes to an end Alison still finds herself on the bottom of the pile due to a new Cheerleading coach, thus causing her to look for a new path. Joe and Rick push their relationship further but are constantly reminded of the risks, meanwhile Zach sets out to get his life back on track. Rick makes a dramatic call with the Football Team that benefits Alex and Zach. Angelika decides that she should take a shot with Zach and Kyle is tired of being lonely.

Songs: "I Love You" (The Note-Worthy), "Alien" (Alison and Lily), "Write On Me" (Sydney, Alison, Lily, Maya, Kyle, and Zach), "Moonlight" (Joe), "Love Again" (Joe, Zach, and Lily)

"The Note-Worthy:" "Hymn for the Weekend" (The Note-Worthy), "Cool for the Summer" (Joe and Zach)
"The Butch QUEENS:" "All The Things She Said"

FHR Disney
Wish Upon A Star Kyle 10

Plot: Mrs. Clarke decides that the week's assignment will be a Disney Tribute, much to the ire of many in the Glee Club except for Kyle, Joe and Angelika. Angelika begins to fall for Zach, but she resists at first. Nathan partially blames Kyle for what happened to him. Alex and Lily struggle to tell each other how they really feel.

Songs: "Be Our Guest" (The Note-Worthy), "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" (Angelika with Alison, Lily and Sydney), "Beauty And The Beast" (Lily and Alex), "I See The Light" (Angelika and Zach), "Disney's Animazement Trio (Just Around The Riverbend/Go The Distance/Out There" (Joe, Angelika and Kyle), "When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground" (Kyle and Nathan), "You'll Be In My Heart/Look Through My Eyes"  (The Note-Worthy).

TFHtitlecard A Very Fugly Christmas Sydney 11

Plot: It's Christmas at Nicaragua High School and Lily is excited to be spending her holidays with the Sweeting family for the first time. The Note-Worthy take part in Secret Santa, where the gang aim to buy the perfect gifts. Sydney believes she has a Christmas miracle. Kyle begins to open up about his issues.

Songs: "The Christmas Song" (Lily, Kyle and Joe), "Sleigh Ride" (Sydney, Alison and Becca), "My Only Wish (This Year)" (Alison), "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (The Note-Worthy), "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" (Nathan), "Do They Know It's Christmas?" (The Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Countdown To Midnight Lily 12

Plot: It's the day of New Year's Eve and everyone has different plans for the occasion, but when multiple ironic coincidences lead to a fall-through of all individual plans, the Note-Worthy find themselves forced to spend the meaningful event together. Alex and Lily's relationship hits the six-month mark and for one of them, that's a big deal, while the other one doesn't even realize it. Meanwhile, as word travels fast, the party has a few more attendees than expected... and then a couple dozen more, some of them very unexpected, which leaves some of the Note-Worthy in awkward positions.

Songs: "Auld Lang Syne" (Anita, Jessica, and The Note-Worthy), "This Is What You Came For" (Joe and Sydney), "Life Of The Party" (Alex, Matt, and Zach), "The Feeling" (Lily and Zach), "FourFiveSeconds" (Lily, Nathan, and Sydney)

TFHtitlecard Delete It Fat Zachary 13

Plot: Alyssa hates being treated badly, she's sick of that shit and is out for sweet jiggly revenge. Emma has a dark, nasty, secret that comes out to light when Alison snoops through his journal sending shockwaves through the school. Will the students EVER be the same again after this ghastly exposure? Meanwhile, Zach reels from his actions.

Songs: "Wrecking Ball" (Alyssa), "Confident" (Emma), "Colors" (Angelika and Zach), "Pretty Girls" (Alison, Becca, and Sydney), "Deep Throat" (Alyssa and Emma), "Dangerous Woman" (The Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Secrets and Lies Part II: The Happening Joe 14

Plot: Mrs. Clarke allows the group to perform what they want in a special "free" assignment to see what they can really do. Zach feels his world falling apart around him and Joe sets out to make it right, despite his own world about to crash. Lily feels that Alex is neglecting her whilst Alison decides to take a chance. Sydney sets this on the right path with Andres and Rick gets a new opportunity.

Songs: "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" (Lily and Zach), "Ave Maria" (Lily), "Kiss It Better" (Joe), "At Night" (Matt and Alex), "Dope" (The Note-Worthy), "Secret Love Song Pt. II" (Zach and Joe)

TFHtitlecard Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun Nathan 15

Plot: With Maya's bitchy reign coming to a close, She realises she lost the friends she once had, finding a connection with someone in a similar situation - Nathan, and they create a bond. To escape their realities, Nathan invites Maya to his world and everything flips upside down. Meanwhile, Cass reconnects with an old friend who asks if they could have one more try at being together again.

Songs: "7 Years" (Nathan, Joe and Zach), "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Becca, Nathan and Cass), "Memory" (Maya)

TFHtitlecard Love You Forever Kyle 16

Plot: Kyle recieves devastating news and the Note-Worthy regroup to surround him with comfort as he struggles to stay away from that all to familiar dark place. Matt announces his intent on running for Junior Class President next year: but he finds competition from Ali and particularly in Alex. Sydney is intrigued by the new boy in school after falling out with her friends and Andres, but she soon realizes that this new kid is not to be trusted.

Songs: "Those You've Known" (Kyle, Joe and Lily),  "Wait For It" (Matt),  "I Didn't Plan It" (Sydney) "Bring Me To Life" (Kyle, Matt and Sydney), "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" (Kyle), "Beside You" (Maya and Lily), "The Letter" (Kyle, Maya and Pearl), "No One Is Alone" (The Note-Worthy).

TFHtitlecard Enjoy The Ride Sydney 17

Plot: The Note-Worthy compete at Regionals. The Glee Club still come to terms with recent events and new relationships are officially formed. Alex and Zach begin their football coach places, and Alison opens up on her somewhat new outlook on friendship.

Songs: "I Look To You" (Karen and The Note-Worthy), "The Best Day" (Kyle), "Cool Rider" (Sydney), Try (Jackie and The Butch Queens), "Brokenhearted" (Maya, Zach and Kyle), "Enjoy The Ride" (Alison, Sydney, Angelika and Becca), "It Ends Tonight" (The Note Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Solo Kyle 18

Plot:Mrs. Clarke tasks each of the Note-Worthy with performing a possible solo that will let the winner be the featured Soloist at Nationals. Matt and Alison get into a huge argument. Another former member returns to mixed reactions. Maya makes a decision about her friendship with Kyle after his behavior gets out of hand.

Songs:  "Freak Out" (Angelika), "Perfect" (Zach), "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" (Sydney), "Glitter In The Air" (Lily), "Circus" (Nathan), "If I Didn't Believe In You" (Matt), "Landslide" (Maya), "I Don't Want To Be" (Kyle).

TFHtitlecard Civil War Kyle 19

Plot: The fallout between The Note-Worthy and Kyle is seemingly catastrophic as Kyle lashes out at Maya and the rest of the Note-Worthy after he is released on bail. But all is not what it seems, and one Glee Clubber sees Kyle's actions for what they are. Meanwhile, Lily feels like Alex and herself are falling out of love when she sees him getting too close to his chemistry partner.

Songs: "The Show Must Go On" (The Note-Worthy), "Letterbomb" (Maya), "Words Fail" (Kyle), "Against All Odds/Foolish Games" (Kyle and Maya), "How To Save A Life" (Nathan and Sydney), "California King Bed" (Lily).

TFHtitlecard Catastrophe, Pt. I Lily 20

Plot: TBA

Songs: TBA

TFHtitlecard And The Cure, Pt. II Lily 21

Plot: TBA

Songs: TBA

TFHtitlecard After The Fall Lily 22

Plot: Finale/Nationals, TBA

Songs: TBA


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Member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Angelika Active
Joe Active Banned Active
Kyle Active
Lily Active
Maya Active Banned Re-joined Active
Matt Active
Sydney Active Banned Active
Zach Active
Alison Active Banned Re-joined Active Banned Active
Becca Active
Nathan Active
Cass Active
Jackie Active Absent Active Quit Re-joined
Perry Active Absent Active Absent
Alyssa Joined Active Absent Active Quit
Alex Joined Active Absent Active Banned Active
Andrés Joined Active


  • One character cannot occupy more than 1 key plot. (E.G; if Sydney is the A plot she cannot be the B or C plot or heavily involved)
  • One character can not sing more than four times in one episode
  • Only eight songs or less per episode
  • You may not write more than one episode at a time without permission
  • You must firstly have permission to write any episodes at all
  • The episodes must relate to past episodes and push along any storylines
  • Don't take too long with an episode
  • You must finish any episode you start


  • Lily Bruno
  • Zach Foxx
  • Sydney Walsh
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Maya Dumas
  • Matthew Dales Jr.
  • Kyle Ogilvie
  • Joe Sweeting
  • Angelika Kuzz
  • Alison Spears
  • Perry Dahir
  • Cass Winters
  • Jackie St. Clare
  • Emma Spears
  • Becca Marshall
  • Alyssa Fowble
  • Karen Clarke
  • Veronica Foxx
  • Robert Foxx
  • Brandon Foxx
  • Serena Walsh
  • James Walsh
  • Ashley Walsh
  • Jane Anderson
  • Lisa Anderson
  • Olivia Anderson
  • Peter Anderson
  • Derek Anderson
  • David Anderson
  • Blair Anderson
  • Jason Dumas
  • Lola Dumas
  • Cristina Dales
  • Matthew Dales Sr.
  • Josephine Dales
  • Eugene Ogilvie
  • Buffy Ogilvie
  • Jessica Sweeting
  • Thomas Sweeting
  • Ingrid Kuzz
  • Ivan Kuzz
  • Lenord Cliff
  • Rick Adams
  • Rose Cooper
  • Shelly Daniels
  • Jamie Scott