Fugly Hoes: Reboot (Season One)
First Aired January - March 2016
Writer(s) Nathan, Lily, Joe,
Sydney, Kyle, Zachary
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The first season of The Fugly Hoes' fanfiction series, Fugly Hoes: Reboot, first aired on Jan 25th, 2016. Fugly Hoes is a Teenage drama set within the walls of a semi-fictional high school, Nicaragua High School.

The season heavily draws inspiration from shows such as Skins and it's predecessor The Fugly Hoes, most of the characters tackling their own issue.

On January 25th, 2015, Fugly Hoes: Reboot was renewed for a 26-episode second season after no episodes had aired due to the impact it had on the reviewers and it's set popularity for when it airs. The series finale aired in March, and Season Two began airing shortly after.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars

  • David Henrie as Frankie Ogilvie (4/20)
  • Carrie Fisher as Buffy Ogilvie (3/20)
  • Famke Jansson as Jessica Sweeting (3/20)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Veronica Foxx (2/20)
  • Ioan Gruffudd as Robert Foxx (2/20)
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Jenny Dales (1/20)
  • Max Irons as James Nederberg (1/20)
  • Lea Salonga as Kim Dumas (1/20)
  • Eric Mabius as Eugene Ogilvie (1/20)
  • Margot Robbie as Margot Ogilvie-Nederberg (1/20)


Image Title Writer Episode Number
TFHtitlecard New Beginnings Nathan 01

Plot: After a freak accident sends the fuglies back in time, they have no knowledge of the past life and must go through high school once again, but things have changed and the glee club must reform.

Songs: "Lullaby For An Insomniac" (Lily), "Be OK" (Angelika), "On My Own" (Lily), "One Last Time" (Joe), "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again" (Kyle and Maya)

TFHtitlecard One-Two Step Lily 02

Plot: The newly-formed Glee club needs to recruit people. Some people in the audience are hesitant to join, while others see it as a devilish opportunity. Meanwhile, first friendships are made in- and outside the Glee club.

Songs: "One-Two Step" (The Note-Worthy), "Take My Breath Away" (Angelika and Nathan), "Endless Love" (Matt and Maya), "A Little Love" (Zach), "I Love It" (Sydney)

TFHtitlecard What Do You Mean? Joe 03

Plot: With Invitionals just a few days away Mrs. Clark decides that the Note-Worthys need to start performing as a group and really getting a feel for high energy performances but it doesn't go to plan. With Sydney in the Note-Worthys, Alison gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile a close bond is broken by a strong passion.

Songs: "Weird People" (The Note-Worthys), "Lace and Leather" (Nathan), "Cough Syrup" (Lily), "What Do You Mean?" (Joe and Zach), "Sax" (The Note-Worthys)

TFHtitlecard We're Not Done Kyle 04

Plot: When a rumour flies around about someone: a certain glee club member does everything he can to make sure no one finds out about his past. Meanwhile two students are paired together in an assignment and are surprised by the results.

Songs: "Perfect Day" (Kyle, Sydney, Maya and Lily), "Candy Store" (Ali, Becca and Sydney), There's A Fine Fine Line (Angelika), "We're Not Done" (Sydney and Angelika), "Fix You" (Matt, Joe, Zach and the Note-Worthys), "Chandelier" (Kyle)

TFHtitlecard Take Me Or Leave Me Nathan 05

Plot: The Glee Club relationship chart begins to become messy as people start to get involved with love triangles. Lily begins to suss out who is messaging her, and Kyle deals with being alone.

Songs: "You Don't Know" (Kyle), "Out Tonight" (Emma), "I'm Not That Girl" (Joe), "Take Me Or Leave Me" (Matt and Gina), "Taking Chances" (Maya)

TFHtitlecard Big Fat Blitz Zachary 06

Plot: Mrs. Clark has finally had enough with all the fighting going on in the club and forces everyone to either get along or the club will be over, causing an absolute carnage. Tensions reach boiling point between Alison and Sydney, Zach is still confused about his sexuality and Emma sets his eyes on a new man.

Songs: "Platinum Blonde" (Alison with Becca and Sydney), "I'm So Excited" (The Note-Worthys), "Strange Love" (Zach), "Fighter" (Sydney), "Hold On" (The Note-Worthys)

TFHtitlecard We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Lily 07

Plot: With the glee club finally complete, Mrs. Clark starts a series of lessons to prepare the group for the upcoming competitions. Noticing that some of the members still don't fully trust each other, she intends to make the group become more like a family and less like a club.

Songs: "Heavily Broken" (Lily), "Marilyn Monroe" (Alison with Cass), "Giving Up" (Kyle, Maya, Joe, Zach, and Gina), "I Bruise Easily" (Joe and Lily), "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" (The Note-Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Secrets and Lies Joe 08

Plot: Mrs. Clark sets the theme of the week to be "Confident" and urges her glee club to be more confident in their daily lives. Meanwhile students take bold moves to try and fix their lives.

Songs: "I'm Your Man" (Matt), "Fight Song" (Lily), "Run Away with Me" (Maya), "Secret Love Song" (Joe, Zach, Angelika, and Maya), "Hello" (Joe) "Hair" (Joe, Alison, Becca, and Sydney), "Black Magic" (The Note-Worthys), "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" (The Note Worthys)

TFHtitlecard The Bitch Song Sydney 09

Plot: With Sectionals approaching, relationships are at an all time high in the Glee Club, but an altercation between Sydney and Angelika could change that. On the other hand, Zach and Joe's photographs of their kiss is leaked all over the school, and this is bad news for Zach. Everyone is neglecting Lily's problems which leads her to feel more lonely than ever.

Songs: "Kids In America" (The Note-Worthys) "The Outside" (Lily), "What I Like About You" (Angelika and Sydney), "Breathless" (Joe and Lily with the Note-Worthys)

TFHtitlecard Next To Normal  Kyle 10

Plot:  Having gotten everything out in the open. Kyle seems to be more open to sharing his past. But somehow he can't shake off the feeling of not being good enough, and he still hasn't shared the scariest part of his past; Maya, seeing this is terrified for her best friend. Joe suspects something is up, and is shocked to learn more about Kyle, something that hits home.

Songs: "Just Another Day" (Kyle, Joe and Maya), "Life Support/Will I" (Kyle, Lily, Maya, Joe, Nathan and Zach), "Torn" (Angelika and Sydney), "A Little Too Much" (Joe), "Totally Fucked" (Zach with the Note-Worthys), "Not My Father's Son" (Joe and Kyle), "Someday" (Kyle, Joe and Lily with the Note-Worthys)

TFHtitlecard The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event In Glee Club History Nathan 11

Plot: As the Glee Club seems to begin bonding, everything takes a turn for the worst when Maya gets bad news from a doctor, Sydney has a secret and gets caught and Nathan become a sudden center of attention in the Glee Club.

Songs: "I'm A Slave 4 U" (Emma and Becca), "Songbird" (Matt and Zach), "Hand In My Pocket" (Sydney and Nathan), "One" (Nathan and The Note-Worthys)

TFHtitlecard About Leadership And Teamspirit Lily 12

Plot: After the devastating events from the last glee club meeting, everything is totally unhinged. The atmosphere is shit, the trust is shattered once again and the chemistry within the group is totally lost. Meanwhile, when word comes out about the huge prize money for Sectionals, people try to join last minute, some without an ounce of talent in their body, but some with surprisingly strong voices and dance moves.

Songs: "Change" (Alison, Angelika and Cass), "Diamonds" (Angelika), "Runaways" (Jackie and Lily), "Thinking Of You" (Matt), "Burn" (Joe and Lily with The Note Worthy), "Shine" (The Note Worthy)

TFHtitlecard Previously Unaired Christmas Special Lily 12.5

Plot: TBA

Songs: "Baby It's Cold Outside" (TBA), "4 Carats" (TBA), "Underneath The Tree" (TBA), "Run, Rudolph Run" (TBA), "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (TBA), "Baby, Please Come Home" (TBA), "Mary's Little Boy Child" (Joe, Lily, and Zach)

TFHtitlecard Yours, Truly Joe 13

Plot: Hot off their Sectionals victory the Note-Worthys think they're a force to be reckoned with until they receive a nasty wake up call. Due to it being the Valentines Day week Mrs. Clark decides that the theme should be love. The Note-Worthys are asked to perform at the Valentines Day dance

Songs: "Lucky" (Alison), "I Don't Need a Man" (Angelika), "Boys Like You" (Joe) "PILLOWTALK" (Zach), "Only Wanna Dance with You" (Lily and Jackie), "Love Me Like You Do" (Joe and Zach)

TFHtitlecard The Sleepover Club Sydney 14

Plot: Mrs. Clark gets the Note-Worthys to go up against eachother in a Boys vs. Girls mash-up battle. Alison invites the girls to a sleepover at her house. Lily gets harrassed by her locker neighbour, and Jackie goes missing. Matt and Maya discuss where they stand in terms of their relationship. Kyle falls back into old habits.

Songs: "Euphoria"/"Glorious" (Lily, Angelika, Sydney, Alison, Becca, Cass), "I Can't Feel My Face"/"Style" (Matt, Joe, Zach, Nathan)

TFHtitlecard Let Me Be Your Star  Kyle 15

Plot: New relationships begin to blossom as the Note-Worthys prepare for School Musical auditions for the schools production of Spring Awakening. While both Joe and Kyle go for the same role, Lily and Ali go into an all out war. Kyle's parents find out about Kyle letting Lily stay with him. Sydney and Kyle bond over their experiances with Mental Illness, but Sydney's red flags afterwards who soon rushes to tell Maya. An intervention is held while Kyle and Kyler get closer. Angelika and Nathan refuse to make nice. Zach makes a mistake that could cost him Joe if it gets out.

Songs: "Dead Girl Walking" (Lily and Nathan), "Let Me Be Your Star" (Joe and Kyle), "Don't Do Saddness/Blue Wind" (Kyle and Sydney), "Lifeboat/Shine A Light Reprise" (Kyle and The Note-Worthys), "Not Ready To Make Nice" (Nathan and Angelika), "Bitch" (Nathan), "Change Your Life" (Sydney, Kyle, Joe and Angelika), "Whispering" (Lily).

TFHtitlecard Dear No One Nathan 16

Plot: Alison deals with Nathan cheating on her with Lily, While Nathan deals with regrets of the past. Meanwhile, Perry receives a nasty comment that surprises her and Cass grows tired of the Glee Club's ways, while Sydney and Becca get stuck in the middle of drama once more.

Songs: "Trouble" (Nathan), "Dear Mr. President" (Alison, Becca and Sydney), "Fuckin' Perfect" (Perry, Cass and Jackie), "True Love" (Zach and Sydney)

TFHtitlecard Forget Being Cool, I'm Going To Be Honest Lily 17

Plot: While Alison and Nate are trapped in their own dream sequence, Zach must figure out what to do about his relationship with Joe and kiss with Nate. Lily goes on a hunting trip for information about her past. Angelika takes it a step too far when trying to serenade Rufus and Sydney's eating disorder takes its toll on her.

Songs: "Sledgehammer" (Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily and Maya), "Nothing In This World" (Alsion with Becca and Sydney), "Ghost" (Lily and Zach), "Satisfied" (Angelika, Matt and Maya), "Can't Fight The Moonlight" (Nathan with Kyle and Lily), "Fight For This Love" (Joe with Angelika and Maya), "All Alright" (Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Nate, Sydney and Zach)

TFHtitlecard Family Joe 18

Plot: It's Regionals and Mrs. Clark informs the group that the theme is "Togetherness". The original 5 all rally around each other after events in their lives take over. Several members in the club make a realisation about themselves that affects the outlook of the club.

Songs: "Everlasting Love" (Nate, Alison, Joe, Zach, Maya and Matt), "Who Knew" (Joe and Kyle) "Baby I / Just the Way You Are" (Maya and Matt), "Stand Up for Love" and "Lighting" (The Note-Worthys), "Bird Set Free" (Kyle and Nate) and "Cheap Thrills" (Joe, Lily, Kyle, Maya, and Angelika)

TFHtitlecard Sun Tans and Ray Bans Sydney 19

Plot: With a heatwave hitting, and Summer Vacation coming closer, the gang decide to take a road-trip to the beach. Relationships will be formed, and there'll be a power shift in one of the cliques of the High School. 

Songs: "Heaven is a Place on Earth" (The Note-Worthys) "Vacation" (Becca, Sydney, Maya and Lily), "All Through The Night" (Joe, Nate and Joe), "Two Is Better Than One" (Matt and Maya) "Don't Tell Me" (Becca and Sydney)

TFHtitlecard The Tide Turning Endlessly Kyle 20

Plot: Summer is just around the corner; while most of the school is dying to have school end, the Note Worthys are in a bit of a crisis as relationships are broken beyond repair, while others are forged anew while others are pushed beyond the brink. Sydney gets the oppurtunity of a lifetime to work with her idol (Guest Stars: Reese Witherspoon and Max Irons).

Songs: Towers (Joe),  Somethings Are Meant to Be (Maya and Kyle), Gotta Go My Own Way (Joe and Zach), Strong (Maya), You And I (Matt, Zach and Nathan), Young And Beautiful (Sydney),  Grateful/Halo/Already Gone (Maya, Sydney, Joe, Kyle, Nathan, Matt, Angelika, Zach and Lily), I Got You (The Note-Worthys).


See List of Songs from the Fugly Hoes: Reboot.


Member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Angelika Joined Active Quit Rejoined Active
Lily Joined Active
Joe Joined Active
Kyle Joined Active
Maya Joined Active
Matt Joined Active
Zach Joined Active
Sydney Joined Active
Nathan Joined Active Quit Rejoined Active
Alison Joined Active Quit Rejoined Active
Becca Joined Active Quit Rejoined Active Absent Active
Emma Joined Active Banned Active Absent
Gina Joined Active Banned Quit
Cass Joined Active
Perry Joined Active Absent Active
Jackie Joined Active Absent Active
Kyler Joined Active Absent Kicked

Main Events


  • Alison cuts Maya from their group in exchange for Becca.
  • Alison and Becca join Glee Club.
  • Alison opens up to the group about her past.
  • Alison tells Matt about her crush on Nathan.
  • Alison makes a move and gets Nathan back in the club and asks him to the dance.
  • Alison breaking up with Nathan after he cheats on her with Lily.
  • Becca falls out with Alison and quits the Cheerleading squad.


  • Angelika joins Glee Club.
  • Sydney joins the Glee club, after Alison tells her to.
  • Sydney betraying Ang's trust and their consequent fall-out, with Ang quitting and re-joining Glee club.
  • Nathan finds out about Sydney's bulimia.
  • Angelika breaks down due to her crush on Nathan.
  • Angelika deems herself over Nathan.
  • Angelika notices Sydney's eating disorder.
  • Angelika dances with Rufus at the dance.
  • Angelika gets confirmation from Sydney about her eating disorder.
  • Sydney witnesses Nathan and Zach kissing, cheating on Joe.
  • Sydney makes friends with Lily and Joe.


  • Zach joins Glee Club, beyond his friends wishes.
  • Zach is kicked off the Football team.
  • Zach's struggle with and eventually coming out as bisexual.
  • Zach's short love triangle with Joe and Nathan.
  • Zach's friendship with Joe, Lily, and Nathan.
  • Zach starts dating Joe.
  • Zach comes out as bi-sexual to his parents.
  • Zach flips out at Joe.
  • Zach and Joe go public.
  • Zach cheats on Joe with Nathan.


  • Nathan joins Glee Club, as Angelika convinces him to do so.
  • Nathan kisses Zach, but has no feelings for him, then they bond a friendship.
  • Angelika has a crush on Nathan, but he rejects her advances.
  • Nathan finds out Sydney has bulimia.
  • Nathan quits Glee Club.
  • Nathan has a heart to heart with Alison.
  • Nathan sort of apologizes.
  • Nathan is allowed back in the Note-Worthys.
  • Nathan and Alison begin dating.
  • Lily gets drunk and Nathan cheats on Alison with Lily.
  • Nathan reveals Alison was a way for him to re-join Glee Club.
  • Nathan admits to himself his feelings for Zach.
  • Nathan joins the Glee Club in supporting Perry, to their surprise.
  • Nathan and Zach cheat on Joe.


  • Matt and Maya's friendship and possible relationship if Matt weren't already dating Gina.
  • Maya's attempted murder on Gina and their numerous fights.
  • Maya finds out she has Premature Menopause and consequently spirals into depression.
  • Gina and Matt's break up.
  • Matt helps Alison with her problem
  • Matt sees that Gina has moved on
  • Matt and Maya make out at the dance.
  • Maya and Perry become close friends when Maya helps Perry through her problems.


  • Joe joins the Glee Club.
  • Joe and Lily become captains of the Glee Club.
  • Joe has a crush on Zach.
  • Joe and Zach start dating.
  • Joe becomes a Cheerio.
  • Joe/Lily/Zach/Nathan friendship.
  • Nathan breaks off any relations with Joe.
  • Joe tells Lily about Kyle's birthday.
  • Joe is upset that Zach isn't into PDA.
  • Joe and Zach fight.
  • Joe and Zach go public.


  • Lily gets publicly humiliated after being slushied.
  • Lily joins Glee Club, having a panic attack on stage.
  • Lily and Joe become captains of the Glee Club.
  • Lily begins getting strange texts from an unknown number.
  • Lily stays with Kyle, instead of at her orphanage.
  • Lily/Joe/Zach/Nathan friendship.
  • Lily finds out Nathan was sending her those texts, breaking their friendship.
  • Lily refuses to perform at Sectionals due to the shitty treatment she's gotten.
  • Lily and Jackie's undefined romantic storyline.
  • Lily plans a surprise party for Kyle.
  • Lily gets Jackie money.
  • Lily and Jackie go to the dance together but deem each other friends.
  • Lily finds out about Jackie being abused and using her to steal money from Kyle to fuel her brother's drug addiction and thus ends things with Jackie.
  • Lily is forced to move out of Kyle's place and moves in with Joe.
  • Lily finds out that Kyle is her biological brother.
  • Lily is adopted by Joe's mum and thus becomes a Sweeting.


  • Kyle joins the Glee club.
  • People find out about Kyle's depression/bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction.
  • Kyle causes a huge fight in the Glee Club.
  • Kyle/Lily friendship.
  • Kyle invited Lily to stay with him.
  • Kyle has a run in with Kyler who flirts with him.
  • Kyle goes to the dance in a trio with Matt and Maya.
  • Kyle fights off another advance from Kyler.
  • Kyle witnesses part of the fight between Byron and Jackie.
  • Kyle celebrates his 16th birthday publicly.


  • Cass joins Glee Club.
  • Perry joins Glee Club to replace Gina at Sectionals.
  • Jackie and Kyler join Glee Club.
  • Kyler comes onto Kyle several times.
  • Perry gets a racist comment thrown at her.
  • The Glee Club comes to Perry's defence, most notably Maya and Nathan.
  • Cass tells Perry she has cancer.


  • Nathan convinces Emma to join Glee Club
  • Emma's crush on, eventual dating of and eventual break-up with Joe.
  • Emma leaves Glee Club and returns randomly the next episode.


  • The Note-Worthys perform at their Invitationals
  • The Note-Worthys get locked in the choir room for a night by Mrs. Clark
  • The Note-Worthys perform and win at their Sectionals
  • The Note-Worthys perform at the Valentines Day Dance and allow Nathan to rejoin
  • The Note-Worthys are massively slushied on stage by Alex and Andres.


  • One character cannot sing all songs in one episode
  • Only eight songs or less per episode
  • You may not write more than one episode at a time without permission
  • You must firstly have permission to write any episodes at all
  • The episodes must relate to past episodes and push along any storylines
  • You must finish any episode you start
  • You must complete any episode you start within three days or less


  • Angelika Kuzz
  • Joe Sweeting
  • Kyle Ogilvie
  • Lily Bruno
  • Matt Dales
  • Maya Dumas
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Sydney Walsh
  • Zach Birch
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Alison Spears
  • Alyssa Fowble
  • Andres Herrera
  • Becca Looijen
  • Carl Preston
  • Cass Winters
  • Emma Spears
  • Gina Roberts
  • Happy Poolaalaa
  • Jackie St. Clare
  • Kyler Magee
  • Perry Dahir
  • Rufus King
  • Sis Larson
  • Tim Krabbe